We provide trainings and seminars based on your individual needs.

Our lecturers are experienced data protection and information security specialists which break down complex topics and make them easily understandable. Due to our experience in practice, we are able to provide context and day to day examples instead of abstract lectures.

eLearning with DSN train

Apart from the „classic“ in-house approach to train your employees, we also offer visually powerful and interacitve eLearning trainings with our userfriendly application DSN train. In our eLearning library you will find trainings on various topics in the areas of data protection, information security and compliance as well as occupational safety. You can host our SCORM-trainings in your own learning management system or use our intelligent learning platform DSN port learning instead. Find new ways for knowledge transfer with DSN train and make trainings a happening. 

Please visit our DSN train online shop for more information or contact us.

Customized Trainings

Besides general data protection trainings, we also offer customized training:

  • on specific topics, such as health data; or
  • for specific departments, such as marketing.