Whistleblowing under the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive

In accordance with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive and the corresponding national laws, companies are obligated to provide a secure whistleblowing channel, so that individuals can report the wrongdoing of companies safely. The increasingly strict compliance standards and complex legal requirements pose major challenges for many organizations. 
This is where we can support you. 

Acting as Your independent Ombudsperson

At FIRST PRIVACY, we understand the importance of transparency and accountability within organizations. That's why we offer a combined solution as an independent ombudsperson, providing a secure platform for whistleblowers to report concerns anonymously to an impartial recipient. Compared with company-operated reporting channels, this has the advantage of being a neutral ground, encouraging whistleblowers to come forward and use the internal system rather than going to external channels, by conveying trust and professionalism.

Our secure and compliant Whistleblowing Platform

Our whistleblowing platform is designed with the security of your data in mind. Fully compliant with GDPR requirements, hosted and operated within the EU, our platform meets the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection. We take pride in our rigorous security measures, ensuring the confidentiality of every whistleblowing report.

How our confidential Reporting Channel works

When a whistleblower submits a report through our platform, we review it for completeness and relevance. We then securely deliver the report to the respective company, ensuring confidentiality and respecting the whistleblower's request for anonymity if applicable. Our role as ombudsperson ensures impartiality, facilitating communication between the whistleblower and the company, meeting the prescribed feedback-requirements and timelines, while maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire process.


In addition to our secure whistleblowing platform and ombudsperson services, we provide you with the necessary legal texts and wording in connection with the implementation of the whistleblower system in order to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. 

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