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In today's interconnected world, data is a valuable asset that requires vigilant protection. As data breaches continue to make headlines and privacy regulations become increasingly stringent, businesses are under more pressure than ever to prioritize data protection. Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small startup, ensuring the security and privacy of data is essential for maintaining trust and avoiding costly data breaches.

At FIRST PRIVACY, we understand the challenges organisations face in safeguarding (sensitive) information while staying compliant with evolving laws and regulations. Our data protection consulting services offer strategic guidance and practical solutions to help you navigate these complexities with confidence. From conducting thorough risk assessments to implementing robust security measures and providing ongoing support, we are committed to helping you mitigate risks and protect what matters most – your data and your reputation.

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The advantages of implementing data protection in your business model

For many organisations, data protection is a necessary evil. Only what is absolutely required by law is implemented. Apart from the fact that data protection is a fundamental right, it actually brings many benefits for companies and does not have to be an innovation accelerator. 

Data protection builds trust. As individuals become more aware of their rights regarding privacy and the protection of personal data, it can lead to enormous reputational damages if a mismanagement of personal data occurs. It is therefore not surprising that well organised data protection measures can even help to attract customers.     

Strong data protection measures prevent fraud and cyberattacks. In addition to the personal data of customers, critical data from your company is secured as well. It is therefore also important to regularly train employees in order to ideally avoid data breaches.

Saving time and money. Even if it is often assumed that data protection measures represent an additional cost factor, the exact opposite is the case. Complying with data protection regulations saves a lot of money, as the fines imposed by supervisory authorities are getting higher and higher. And unprepared handling of a data breach can also be enormously time-consuming, as supervisory authorities and data subjects may have to be contacted individually and, in addition to fines, further requirements may follow.

How our legal experts support you

  • Acting as External Data Protection Officer;
  • Carrying out Data Mapping and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA);  
  • Developing Data Deletion Procedures; 
  • Advising on all questions relating to the GDPR and the data protection law of countries outside the EU when it comes to the compliant handling of personal data (Binding Corporate Rules, EU Standard Contractual Clauses, employee data).

Counseling and Compliance Topics

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